Truck and Trailer TPMS

Tire Pressure Monitoring for Trailers, RVs, Automobiles, and Trucks up to 10 wheels


You Guys are absolutely first class all around!


From customer service to technical support you all do a great job AND you respond quickly.





Thank you to Dill for making a TPMS available for trailers. There have been so many people who think I'm crazy for adding it but the sense of security I have while on the road is worth every penny spent!

Thank you,

Steve in Utah


I just wanted to send you a quick note regarding the Dill 1504 TPMS Trailer Kit that we installed last week on our 5th Wheel Trailer.

We are absolutely pleased with the Dill 1504 Trailer Kit Tire Pressure Monitoring System.  This device will help to ensure my family’s safety.

Installation and set up was very easy. The systems controls are “user friendly”.
Instantaneous and accurate reporting.
Also very impressive is the systems battery conservation ability.
Solid electronic device’s through out.  

Customer Satisfaction “IS” is the root to success.  I needed to let you know!  We made the right choice with this system!

I also wanted to personally thank “YOU” for your customer service. 
As a Quality Assurance Manager for a fairly large Precision CNC & Screw Machine Manufacturing Company here in Southern California for over 25 years.  It was a pleasure to know I was dealing with an ISO9001:2008 Certified Company, and the real icing on the cake was to talk with someone as personable and knowledgeable as yourself.

Thank you,

L. Stone


FYI, subject tpms has been great in the initial road testing It give me great confidence and looking forward to our 3-month travel trailer trip to the midwest starting in mid June. There is nothing like the awareness of "tire pressure' and 'tire temperature" of that big 30' Airstream following me. Thanks for your information and time you spent in explaining the subject system. I'm anxious to see the reaction from various people during our trip when they see the system, data and safety it provides. Great that it hides it existence from others or eliminates fatigue with the other valve stem tpms. Will follow-up with report after our trip or touch base with you during trip if I require assistance.  

Ed in Florida


Dill Trailer TPMS is used & endorsed by Pro Bass Fishing Legend Jimmy Houston!

I installed my unit 1504 today on a 26 ft enclosed car hauler and turned the unit on and did not even move 10 ft and it picked up the sensor readings, I have a 2006 chevy crew cab and was worried it would not pick the signal up that far back , This unit comes with an external antenna but i didn't even hook it up, I just used the 3 inch antenna that mounts on the display. Thanks for making a great product that i can  have piece of mind while traveling the long distances back and forth to my racetrack, also a big thanks to Mike at Dill Air Controls for great customer service!


Todd R.

Central Wisconsin